During the spring of 2000, Joel began pushing the idea of making a short Legomation (stop-motion animation featuring Lego characters and pieces) film over the summer of 2000. Rob and Tom joined him and they developed the idea of a James Bond story set at the University of Michigan.

Actual filming began around the second week of May 2000 in Rob's Parents' Basement. The Pirate Ship sequence was filmed first and wound up taking nearly a month to complete. Michael joined the team, and they adopted the name 4 Guys, 1 Brain Productions.

Filming continued throughout the summer. Towards the end of the summer, auditions were held among friends and acquaintances for the lead roles, and soon most of the voices were recorded.

At the end of the summer, the project was still incomplete. Reluctantly, production was halted, packed up, and taken back to Ann Arbor, Michigan for completion during the school year.

Junior Year in College was extremely time-consuming, and so no work was done on the project the entire fall semester. Production and post-production were finally completed in mid January. Since then, Legos are not Enough has been shown to families and friends. It has been entered in Film Farm, the University of Michigan student Film Festival and will soon be available for viewing on this web site.