Table-top animation with LEGO characters ("LEGOmation"). A James Bond mini-adventure that takes place at the University of Michigan, Ann Arbor.

Awards and Praise

Legos are not Enough has recieved awards, in actual trophy form. Here is a listing:

We also have some great quotes from people who've seen the film. They mostly come from anonymous comment cards collected at Cinema Slam.

Scenes from the Film

Here are a few shots from the film. See how the movie is filled with action, romance, humor, and fun.

Bond fights Pirates Bond at The Rock Bond kisses Leg O'Galore Bond climbs into a giant Cyborg!

Release Info (Current)

Because Legos are not Enough was produced on a computer, it is best viewed on a computer. Download sites are listed on this page. Older (outdated) release information, which includes past events such as film festivals, is located near the bottom of this page.


Disclaimer: These files are made available with the understanding that you will use them for your personal entertainment only. If you want to "redistribute" our film(s) or show them in a public forum, contact us. We almost certainly will be eager for the opportunity.

Download Sites

Please see the LEGOs are not Enough page on If you'd like to download the film, you can go to this site.


This is the sort of stuff that would go on a DVD...if we had any sort of DVD-making capability.

Guide to Landmarks and Jokes

What? You aren't from UofM? That doesn't mean you have to miss out. Just read the guide to get you up to speed.

History of the Film

Here is a brief history on how Legos are not Enough came about. If you aren't satisfied by that, then read the long history on how the entire group came about.

Behind the Scenes

This section will probably remain underdeveloped. Nevertheless, we did prepare a little page that showcases the green screen we used for the tower effect.

Release Info (Past)

Legos are not Enough has, to date (January 22, 2001), been screened in three separate film festivals in Ann Arbor. It has also been featured on a local television station.

Film Festivals

Film Farm IX (M-Flicks)
7:00 p.m.
Friday, April 7, 2006
Natural Science Building Auditorium
University of Michigan, Ann Arbor

Cinema Slam
Tuesday, December 4, 2001
Michigan Theater
7:00 p.m.

Film Farm V (M-Flicks)
Friday, April 6, 2001
Natural Science Building Auditorium
8:00 p.m.

Festival of Student Works
Saturday, March 24, 2001
Michigan Theater
11:00 a.m. - 2:00 p.m.


(Channel 70 on the Michigan Cable Network)
Friday, April 6, 2001
11:30 p.m.